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Bär VanLift FreeAccess
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Price for mounted equipment: from € 4435 excl. VAT
1 Dia Body mounting duration
Homologado Alemanha, Áustria, Bélgica, Dinamarca, Federação Russa, weitere anzeigen
Technical data of the body.
Body weight
175 kg
Body width
não especificado
Body height
não especificado
Body depth
não especificado
Technical data of the base vehicle
Model series
O novo Sprinter
Drive type
Roof type
High roof
Cab type
Cabina simples
Gross weight
3500 kg
3665 mm
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Acesso livre ao compartimento de carga graças à plataforma dobrada.

The folding VanLift FreeAccess by Bär is an efficient platform lift for the Sprinter panel van which enables wheeled containers, pallets or similar items to be easily loaded and unloaded. The folding platform is particularly practical, as the load compartment remains freely accessible via the right rear door when it is the folded position.

When unfolded it forms a fully-fledged platform which can also be used with forklift trucks. As the platform lift is mounted externally, the load compartment remains fully usable. A two-section aluminium VanBridge bridges the gap between the loading floor and the platform. All the functions of the VanLift FreeAccess can be conveniently operated by the SmartControl radio remote control with operating point recognition.

Vídeo sobre o FreeAccess da Bär.

FreeAccess stands for freedom designed by Bär. The lighter vehicle classes make high demands on a platform lift: it must be light in weight in the interests of payload, but also flexible as it is not always required. The product group FreeAccess meets precisely these criteria. Thanks to the vertically folded platform, the right rear door of the vehicle remains freely accessible - hence FreeAccess. Small quantities can be easily and quickly unloaded without operating the lift.

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The new Sprinter.
O veículo universal e ágil

The agile all-rounder with a comfort bonus on every journey: the Sprinter impresses with a large load compartment, very good loading and transport functionality and excellent efficiency. Its manoeuvrability makes it the perfect city van. With a high level of seating comfort, it is also an ideal companion over long distances – even when fully loaded. Thanks to great scope for interior fittings, tools and materials are ready to hand and can quickly be used. The Sprinter helps to structure the working day and sets new standards for large vans. 

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