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Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo HORIZON.
O aventureiro espontâneo
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6 - 7 Semanas Body mounting duration
Homologado Alemanha, Áustria, Bélgica, Espanha, Itália, weitere anzeigen
Technical data of the body.
Body weight
117 kg
Body width
não especificado
Body height
não especificado
Body depth
não especificado
Technical data of the base vehicle
Model series
Classe V
Marco Polo Horizon
Drive type
Roof type
Teto normal
Cab type
Cabina simples
Gross weight
3100 kg, 3200 kg
3200 mm, Überhang 1045 mm

The technical data are just an example of a purchasable variant.
A configuration with a quotation can be put together using the vehicle configurator on the country page.

O aventureiro espontâneo.

Para quem quer viajar à aventura de modo desportivo e elegante

The Marco Polo HORIZON has the body design of the V-Class, and therefore the unmistakable, expressive design idiom of Mercedes-Benz embodied by the striking front section with an arrow-shaped bonnet and modern headlamps. The interplay between large, calm surfaces and striking contours is particularly impressive. The poise of the Marco Polo HORIZON is perfectly expressed by the harmonious side design. Indeed the Marco Polo HORIZON is scarcely recognisable as a camper van. It has the ideal balance between a passenger car and a spacious mobile home, and its height of less than two metres makes it suitable for underground garages. Only the Westfalia lettering at the rear and the inconspicuous raised roof elegantly perched on the body give an external indication of the Marco Polo's adventurous spirit.


Conforto e estilo

There is no need to be without comfort and style when out and about with the Marco Polo HORIZON. Equipped with a 3-seater bench seat in the rear as standard, and with a variable system of rails, the interior can be flexibly rearranged and the high-quality carpet floor transforms the rear into a comfortable living area. Moreover, the Marco Polo HORIZON has enough stowage space to meet a wide variety of needs.


Descansar e desfrutar

The manual pop-up roof of the Marco Polo HORIZON is quick and easy to erect, enabling up to five people to enjoy a good night's sleep there and on the triple couch in the rear. A warm air auxiliary heater, electric vent windows and integrated air vents in the roof bed ensure optimum ventilation and air circulation.

The opaque curtains and tinted glass in the rear adequately darken the interior

Autocaravanas Marco Polo.

Invulgar em qualquer lado

In cooperation with our longstanding conversion partner Westfalen Mobil GmbH, stylish, high-quallity companions for recreational and camping excursions are created here by a shared passion for uncompromising mobility. The Marco Polo camper vans are extraordinarily compact and comfortable, and depending on the need, the expectations of specific Marco Polo versions can vary greatly.

There are three versions to cover this demand. The Marco Polo as the most luxurious camper van with a fully-fledged living area. The Marco Polo HORIZON as a stylish day-to-day companion for the recreationally active and the Marco Polo ACTIVITY, which has maximum flexibility and robustness for any undertaking. Which means that everyone can find the right camper van.

Further information about the Marco Polo HORIZON is available on the landing page "The Marco Polo HORIZON: The spontaneous adventurer." Prices and fuel consumption figures can be found on your country page.

Ex factory solutions.
Mercedes-Benz VanSolution Partner

Mercedes-Benz VanSolution offers particularly popular product solutions for several sectors from a single source, in tried-and-tested Mercedes-Benz quality.

As a customer, you not only benefit from the numerous intelligent solutions and many years of experience, but also from direct ex factory delivery: from initial specialist advice to vehicle configuration (incl. sector-specific solutions) and eventual delivery, you have one and the same contact person – and maximum cost transparency.

The V-Class.
O parceiro ideal de todas as férias

The perfect companion for any holiday. From an entry-level model to an elegant camping bus bearing the Mercedes star: the Marco Polo family with the V-Class has the perfect mobile home for any discerning camper. With a spacious interior and agile driving characteristics, it is the ideal day-to-day or touring companion. It is also available with numerous optional extras, and is an ideal basis for camper vans by bodybuilders.

Assistência e serviços.

Seguro de veículos comerciais ligeiros.

Para que possa circular em segurança e o seu negócio não pare.

On the road with the security of Mercedes-Benz Bank van insurance: with third-party liability cover of 100 mill. euros for personal, property and financial damage, and up to 12 mill. euros per person injured.Furthermore, e.g. vehicle bodies up to 100,000 euros as well as operational and brake damage and breakages are also covered at no extra cost. Other advantages:

  • Starting with no-claims bonus category 2 or adoption of the no-claims bonus category of the previous insurer
  • Choice of two excess variants for fully and semi-comprehensive cover
  • Premiums dependent on engine variant and type of use
  • Discount on the insurance premium if safety technology is installed ex factory (e.g. Lane Keeping Assist)

The van insurance with insurance cover for the bodies is only available in Germany. The insurer is KRAVAG-LOGISTIC Versicherungs-AG, Heidenkampsweg 102, 20097 Hamburg, brokered by Mercedes-Benz Bank AG, Siemensstraße 7, 70469 Stuttgart. The general insurance terms apply.

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Aviso legal.

The minimum equipment merely provides guidance concerning the basic vehicle, and is intended as a recommended minimum for the relevant body. The information does not guarantee buildability. This means that 100% orderability is not guaranteed.