Manufacturers of tippers for the last 90 years.

Perfection and constant further development lead to the best product.

The origins of DAUTEL lie in the blacksmith's craft. But as far back as 1933 the founder of the company, Emil Dautel, was already focusing on the construction of tipper bodies for vans and trucks – a field to which DAUTEL has stayed true to this day.

Only the product range manufactured by the company's 230-strong workforce in Leingarten, to the north of Stuttgart, has expanded over the years: the portfolio nowadays includes various tipper variants as well as liftgates and a so-called "change system".

Standing still – not an option for DAUTEL.

Since its foundation, the company has remained true to its basic principle: to drive forward the further development and optimisation of its own products. In his day, Emil Dautel himself spent days at a time in his workshop trying to make the DAUTEL tippers as light and robust as possible. DAUTEL's commitment to supplying its customers with a top-class working tool is now more relevant than ever.

Payload, functionality and longevity.

For users of the DAUTEL three-way tipper, these three points are particularly relevant. The most important factor is the payload – for the higher the loading capacity, the more efficiently the work can be done. DAUTEL relies above all on the use of state-of-the-art materials such as aluminium. Special finishing processes ensure that the material is especially durable so that the complete tipper body – in other words the tipper platform including the subframe – can be made out of this lightweight metal and yet that the necessary stability can be guaranteed. In this way an effective increase in payload of 200 kg compared with steel tippers can be achieved.

The second important factor for Dautel is functionality. The aim here is to design the tipper in such a way that operations run equally smoothly for customers from a wide range of sectors with varying loading scenarios and that it supports them all in their work. A landscape gardener carrying green waste needs a different specification compared with a building contractor who is carrying mainly dry bulk materials. Both the DAUTEL three-way tipper and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can be individually configured and thus prepared to cope with any scenario.

The third factor, longevity, has important relevance across all sectors. "For the operator, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with its DAUTEL body is the calling card of his company", confirms Klaus Schönberger, Managing Director of DAUTEL GmbH. "The customer is making a statement when he drives up in a vehicle like this. Any hint of corrosion is, of course, completely unacceptable." Since the DAUTEL tipper is made completely out of aluminium and does not rust, it is eminently suitable for long years of use.

The three-pointed star stands for exceptional reliability, longevity and corrosion resistance. And the same is expected of a DAUTEL tipper.
Klaus Schönberger Manager

A look behind the scenes at DAUTEL GmbH.

Millimetre-precise cooperation.

The long-standing partnership between the two companies is apparent in the way the Mercedes-Benz VanSolution made up of the new Sprinter with the DAUTEL three-way tipper has been developed. The tipper body is precisely configured for the interfaces on the basic vehicle, so ensuring that there is an immediate fit when the platform is lowered onto the subframe during the so-called "marriage".

During the development of the products, DAUTEL and Mercedes‑Benz remain in close contact and ensure that the experience of the actual end users is incorporated into their work. In this way, the jointly developed Mercedes-Benz VanSolution guarantees quality and functionality for every customer – in terms of the product, but also of service.

A team oriented towards solutions.

At DAUTEL's company premises all doors remain open. The management level is closely involved in production and regular discussion is a part of life – with end customers, too. This is the only way in which needs and challenges can be identified in good time so that joint solutions can be found in the interests of delivering a particularly high-quality product. One thing is particularly important: "No one can achieve anything on their own. We achieve as a team", says Rutger Dautel, representing the third generation of his family to hold the role of Managing Director.

Our aim at DAUTEL is to put good vehicles on the road. The Mercedes-Benz VanSolution brings vehicle and body together. In terms of the product, but also of Sales and Service.
Rutger Dautel Manager

Heading for the future with a light touch.

Along with innovative communication technologies, the shift from the internal combustion engine to alternative drive systems is something that is going to play an important role in the years ahead. DAUTEL has been on the right track in this respect for a long time, since lightweight materials such as aluminium will only gain in relevance in the future.