Quality cooling from a single source. For more than 35 years.

The medium-sized Kerstner company has been focused on refrigerated transport since 1983.

Established in Frankfurt and headquartered in Groß-Rohrheim, the company has its own production plant with a particularly high level of vertical integration. Insulating components, coolers, hoods and detachable parts are produced at a single location. This is what sets Kerstner apart from its competitors: "What makes us special is the fact that we serve as a one-stop supplier for all components – that is, the cooling and the insulation as a complete solution," says Philipp Klause, authorised signatory at Kerstner GmbH.

Flexible solutions for innovative ideas.

The "Retail and eGrocery" sector is subject to continual change. New, innovative business ideas are revolutionising food retailing in particular. Today, it is no longer unusual for consumers to do their weekly shopping online, have fresh food delivered to their door or subscribe to weekly deliveries of regional vegetables, meat and dairy products.

For all these new concepts and services, one constant is the need for reliable refrigerated vehicles. These need to be flexibly adapted to individual requirements and must guarantee that foods are kept fresh at all times.

This is where Kerstner comes up trumps.With its own production, its extensive experience and a strong partner of the like of Mercedes-Benz, it delivers cooling solutions that meet all the customers' requirements.

Our customers' satisfaction with the products we develop and the ideas we turn into reality is our greatest motivation.
Philipp Klause Authorised signatory

A partner from the very beginning.

Kerster became the first VanSolution Partner of Mercedes-Benz Vans in 2006."We focus on the same topics: quality and a long service life for the vehicle," says Daniela Schindler, manager at Kerstner. In the eGrocery sector in particular there are many different applications, resulting in a corresponding spectrum of individual needs among customers. With this in mind, the practice-oriented complete solutions from Kerstner and Mercedes-Benz can be adapted precisely to the given application by means of individual features such as stationary refrigeration or special tie-down rails.

The Mercedes-Benz VanSolution products from Kerstner currently cover two vehicles: the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with front- and rear-wheel drive and the Mercedes-Benz Vito. The complete solutions are designed in close cooperation between the two companies, in order to identify possible synergies at an early junction and to exploit these for the customer.

Mercedes-Benz VanSolution – A solution offering added value for all.

The Sprinter with a high roof and Kerstner refrigerated body is the ideal vehicle for delivery services. The easy loading and unloading via the wide sliding door, sustainable stationary refrigeration and convenient operation of the refrigeration system inside the vehicle add up to first-class refrigerated transport. The new Kerstner refrigerator unit offers excellent dimensional accuracy. The solution additionally boasts a flat, aerodynamic design, an efficient dual seal system for the load compartment and all-electric operation independent of the vehicle's engine – the cooling temperature is also maintained at a constant level while stationary.

The Vito's compact size makes it a winner all round in urban use. Underground car parks are no problem for this vehicle. The almost rectangular design nevertheless allows a maximum load space of no less than 3.5 m3.And when it comes to cooling quality, it is a match for the Sprinter.

"The Kerstner refrigerator units and the insulation systems are coordinated so as to ensure that the insulation system maintains the temperature for a particularly long time," explains Philipp Klause. In addition to cooling solutions down to 0°C there are also deep-freeze vehicles whose load compartment temperature can be lowered to -25°C. A heating function is equally possible: "Particularly in winter, it can be necessary to heat the load compartment to temperatures above freezing. Especially when sensitive products such as salad, cut flowers or medicines are involved."

We aim to provide our customers with a first-class cooling solution that allows them to focus on their core business.
Philipp Klause Authorised signatory

A look behind the scenes at Kerstner GmbH.

Ideas and team spirit count at Kerstner.

The Mercedes-Benz VanSolution partner stands out not only on by virtue of its great expertise in the refrigerated transport sector but also on account of its open and family-oriented corporate culture. "At Kerstner, every employee has an opportunity to realise their potential and contribute their own ideas," says Daniela Schindler, who has been an integral part of the company set-up for 13 years. A cooperative approach, team spirit and mutual support are fundamental values for Kerstner. This provides for well-attuned teams and builds friendship. "The good atmosphere has a direct impact on product quality. Everyone is ready to help and willing to roll up their sleeves and do their bit when the going gets tough," notes Daniela Schindler.

The future's going to be electric. And cool.

Electric refrigerated vehicles will become even more important in future. The transportation of foods, medicines or other goods require reliable cooling throughout the entire supply chain. In urban areas there is an ever-growing demand and need for alternative drive concepts. Electric transport solutions are sustainable, reliable and quiet. As such, they can make a positive contribution to environments in which many people live together at close quarters.

Kerstner presented the first all-electric Vito refrigerated body together with Mercedes-Benz in 2011.This marked only the beginning. The two companies are working together on solutions for the new eVito and the new eSprinter with the aim of optimising the vehicle's cooling performance without affecting its range.

It all boils down to Kerstner's fundamental aim to provide customers with the perfect, highest-quality cooling solution for their individual transport tasks. Always in close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz.