Active in refrigerated transport for more than 40 years.

Since its establishment in 1973, the family-owned Kiesling company has focused exclusively on temperature-controlled transportation.

In the early days, the company mainly supplied meat producers. The need for refrigerated vehicles grew over time, as more and more other goods began to be transported in temperature-controlled conditions. Nowadays it is not just foodstuffs such as bakery products, frozen food or vegetables that are carried, but also flowers and pharmaceutical products.

There are now more than 120 employees working every day at the state-of-the-art production site in Tomerdingen, near Ulm, on the development and production of high-quality bodies for refrigerated vehicles. The company nurtures the innovative spirit of every single employee.

A partnership with powerful roots.

The perfect refrigerated vehicle is not just about the quality and exceptional technical design of the body, but also about the appropriate basic vehicle. Mercedes‑Benz and Kiesling are united by more than their physical closeness to Stuttgart. The two companies set the same high expectations of the end product – and have done so for many years: "Since the day our company was founded, we have seen ourselves as problem-solvers", says Managing Director Peter Kiesling. Two companies, one philosophy and the clear common goal of developing the best complete solutions that will provide customers with the optimum working tool.

Our vision is to be the number one in quality, innovation and service.
Peter Kiesling Manager

The complete quality package.

2006 saw the market launch of a complete solution in the form of refrigerated vehicle developed jointly by the two companies on the basis of the Sprinter. The Mercedes‑Benz VanSolution has numerous advantages to offer the customer, above all: the consulting and ordering process can be handled through the Mercedes‑Benz Dealer, so that the customer can take delivery of a complete refrigerated vehicle, ideally customised to his requirements, from a single source. The customer subsequently has access to a comprehensive range of after-sales services. 

Possibly the fastest fridge in the world.

The Mercedes‑Benz Sprinter, as a basic vehicle, offers the best prerequisites in terms of comfort, quality and economic efficiency for any application. These are perfectly complemented by the unique features of the Kiesling refrigerated body. With hygiene one of the most important issues for refrigerated transport, Kiesling has made the fully welded aluminium floor pan part of its standard specification.

The Mercedes‑Benz VanSolution also offers certain innovations for everyday situations: The magnetic "Easy Lock" door retainer avoids the need for a manual retaining bar and is therefore exceptionally durable. With the "Aero Package", the refrigeration unit is fully concealed under an aerodynamic fairing which has the effect of reducing fuel consumption while also protecting the refrigeration unit.

The "Cool Flap" partition wall allows the creation of different temperature zones within the load compartment, so facilitating the transport of goods that need to be held at different temperatures and guaranteeing consistent temperature levels inside the vehicle. The precise requirements in the "Retail and eGrocery" sector can vary considerably according to the customer, time of year and outside temperature. For the floristry industry, winter often means that a heated interior is required. The scope for the food industry ranges from the transport of fresh goods to frozen products.

The precise needs of the individual customer are a vital factor right from the product development stage: "Innovations often come about as a result of a customer request. We try to think through the customer's original request and come up with an even better solution", Peter Kiesling reports.

A look behind the scenes at the Kiesling Fahrzeugbau GmbH.

We endeavour to generate added value for our customers with our innovative accessory ideas.
Eva Kiesling Head of Marketing

The future will be electrically delivered.

Kiesling looks forward with optimism to the challenges of the future: "When we think about the future, we think about electric mobility. We are already working on the development of one of the first, high-performance and fully electrically powered refrigeration units", says Peter Kiesling. Electrically powered units do already exist, but in the lower performance segment.

The ability to offer locally emission-free delivery in an urban setting will also become increasingly important. "We are working closely with Mercedes‑Benz in this respect to implement solutions. The development of products between Mercedes‑Benz and Kiesling will therefore become an even more integrated process", according to Peter Kiesling. "It's no longer primarily about the load compartment, but about the complete architecture of the vehicle, including its drive system."

A family company with a flat hierarchy.

innovation comes about through communication and the sharing of ideas. At Kiesling, therefore, every member of staff is encouraged to come up with ideas that will help optimise internal processes and, more particularly, the end product as well. "We work together to develop solutions, discuss them, build them", is the way Peter Kiesling summarises the way the company works. "If all the people involved are convinced by what they do, pull together and work to find solutions, then the resulting product will be bound to meet both our high quality standards and those of our customers." Indeed, ever since the company was founded it has been guided by the principle that "Everything's fine as long as it's the customer that comes back and not the product." And this is not going to change in the future.