Four generations of expertise in mobility.

From cartwright to medium-sized manufacturer of body solutions.

The manufacture of transport solutions has been part of the core expertise of the company SPIER, based in the German town of Steinheim in Westphalia, since the company was founded back in 1872. The carriages have become motor vehicles, and the milk carts they used to pull have become lightweight box bodies for vans. Jürgen Spier is the fourth generation of his family to head up the company established by his great-grandfather, Heinrich Spier, which now boasts a workforce of more than 380.

SPIER stands for tradition, reliability and partnership between equals. This last aspect is upheld in the company's interaction with an extremely diverse customer base as well as with cooperation partners such as Mercedes-Benz Vans. This is a partnership that has now existed for almost 70 years. Production of furniture was a booming industry in the region back then and efficient, safe vans with a high payload were indispensable to this success. Even in those days, the combination of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle and a SPIER body was much in demand – a bond that has been consolidated and developed further over the years, culminating in the unique combination of maximum payload, exemplary load securing measures and exceptional aerodynamics that continues to impress to this day.

With the development of our design and manufacturing processes more than 20 years ago, we transformed the world of bodybuilders with respect to box bodies for dry freight.
Jürgen Spier Managing Director

Quality meets quality.

This mobility solution that combines the Mercedes‑Benz Sprinter with the SPIER "Athlet" box body has held the title of Mercedes‑Benz VanSolution since 2006. It is an accolade that guarantees the end customer a level of quality that they can rely on coupled with first-class service. With the new Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz Vans and the latest "Athlet" box body, it has been possible to increase the payload for the transport of goods still further. The innovative Aeroform design offers numerous further advantages: the lower wind resistance reduces the fuel consumption and damage from low-hanging branches is avoided, while the contemporary design of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is impressively reflected and reiterated in the design language of the superstructure. The longevity of the vehicle and the trouble-free ordering process round off the benefits of a Mercedes‑Benz VanSolution for the customer. 

We supply transport companies of all types and therefore need to be able to satisfy any number of individual requirements.
Andreas Fast Head of Sales and Marketing

The needs of customers in the 'CEP and Logistics' sector can vary considerably. In order to be able to satisfy all such individual requirements, SPIER relies on a broad product portfolio of different body types and customised solutions: "Whether in the form of various fixtures, such as floor-mounted eyelets or needle felt linings for transporting furniture or a range of load securing systems for horizontal or upright loads – SPIER offers a multitude of options geared to the transport needs of our customers", says Andreas Fast, Head of Sales and Marketing at the SPIER production plant.

In-house development.

The existence of an in-house development and design department allows SPIER to devise targeted solutions to meet individual customer requirements. "What differentiates us from other companies is that we are able to create our products ourselves", maintains Andreas Fast. This is also reflected in the company's collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. The intensive process of coordination between the two design departments begins long before any new generation of Mercedes‑Benz Sprinter vehicles comes to market. Prototypes are built, tested thoroughly, and only produced once both parties have given their approval.

A look behind the scenes at SPIER.

Step by step towards perfection.

The production process starts with the arrival of the Mercedes-Benz basic vehicle. The body is assembled in a sort of modular system before being mounted on the Sprinter chassis. The completed vehicle, once ready for use, can then be painted and have wraps applied to the customer's specification. One particular feature of the SPIER box bodies can be attributed to their state-of-the-art assembly process: the bonding technique used for the side walls results in a particularly uncluttered, clean surface with no visible screws or rivets. This provides the optimum area to display the customer's personal design.

Technology is what makes us tick. We enjoy identifying new solutions and developing new products – working together with Mercedes-Benz in the interests of our shared customers.
Jürgen Spier Managing Director

Passionate about transport.

The SPIER company has always been passionate about the transport of goods. "Every single employee plays a part in ensuring that products can be delivered problem-free to shops, businesses and our homes. For without commercial vehicles and the bodies that go with them, none of this would be possible", is how Andreas Fast explains the inner motivation of SPIER's employees. This role will continue into the future, too – and may even become even more relevant. "Buzzwords such as 'the last mile', or 'urban logistics' – these are the challenges that we will be up against in the future and for which we have to find solutions. And we will, too."

Family company with a heart.

SPIER as a company is well placed to deal with these challenges. For nothing is more important for an innovative product than a company's employees. "If employees are empowered to act on their own initiative and highly motivated to deliver optimum customer solutions, then you're already halfway there", according to Jürgen Spier. SPIER has therefore relied traditionally on a comprehensive programme of training and ongoing professional development.

The company's values resemble those of a family: Team spirit, passion and mutual support. On top of which comes the shared objective of guaranteeing the best possible quality for the customer. As far as Andreas Fast is concerned, this is what makes SPIER what it is - "A family company with a heart."