A pioneer on the advance.

The development from forge to medium-sized automotive engineering company.

Heinz Schutz, the founder of the company Schutz Fahrzeugbau, was something of an inventor right from the start. Having originally trained as a blacksmith he soon moved into the mobility sector, setting up on his own to produce on the basis of his own ideas and early patents.

From innovative vehicle trailers and sector-specific products for market gardeners through to the first truck bodies, the company, which is based in the northern German village of Bendingbostel, continued to evolve.

The arrival of the first Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in the mid-1990s and the demand for individualised van bodies opened up a new area of business for Schutz Fahrzeugbau. The long years of experience, the exceptional quality standards and the innovative spirit of the company have really borne fruit in this respect.

A reliable day-to-day partner.

What makes the platform bodies built by Schutz Fahrzeugbau so special? It quickly becomes apparent that there is one clear aim here: to make the work of those operating the vehicle as efficient and as pleasant as possible.

Probably the most important characteristic of the Schutz platforms is the low body height, an aspect which differentiates Schutz's products significantly from the competition. A particular feature offered by Schutz is the loading height of the low-level platform, which is just 90 mm above the chassis frame. The second Mercedes-Benz VanSolution model, the mid-height platform, has a similarly compelling loading height, just 190 mm above the vehicle frame. The advantage is obvious: when loading and unloading by hand during daily operations, every centimetre counts. "The higher the operative has to lift the goods, the more time-consuming and arduous the task becomes", according to Timo Bartusch, Mercedes-Benz Van Body Sales.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has a very lightweight and low chassis. In the low-loader platform sector, we are therefore able to achieve a minimal loading height.
Jens Schutz Management

A further important factor distinguishing the Schutz Fahrzeugbau product is the low basic weight of the body and thus the higher payload. This is due to the lightweight but nevertheless strong design of the platform, with its anodised aluminium side and end panels.

When it comes to the choice of materials, Schutz places particular emphasis on durability and functionality. Guaranteeing the extremely high robustness is the way the underlying structure is hot-dip galvanised. This process makes the steel weather-resistant and offers reliable protection from corrosion.

A look behind the scenes at the Schutz Fahrzeugbau automotive engineering company.

Tailor-made for individual transport assignments.

The platform body is one of the oldest and most popular types of vehicle body. It provides the basis for a very diverse range of transport tasks and is therefore to be found in many different sectors and areas of application. From municipal operations through to road building, gardening and landscaping activities or civil engineering, the platform body is an integral part of daily working life.

The Schutz platform body offers a range of individual equipment options to satisfy the very diverse requirements of its customers: a particular paint finish, special vehicle dimensions or extra features such as a tarpaulin frame – the automotive engineering specialist can satisfy pretty much any wish.

The company's two Mercedes-Benz VanSolution products, the mid-height and low-level platform models, make one thing particularly clear: Mercedes-Benz Vans and Schutz Fahrzeugbau share a common objective: to offer the customer top quality from a single source. "We want to combine a premium product with a premium vehicle. It's something that was already important to our current boss's father in his day", Timo Bartusch tells us. The new Sprinter with a platform body by Schutz – two components that complement each other perfectly.

One guarantor for the consistently high quality is the Schutz company itself. "Our platform bodies are manufactured almost entirely here at our own premises. The profiling, cutting, bodyshell construction, welding and assembly are just a few examples of the many stages of the manufacturing process that are undertaken here on site.", according to Jens Schutz, Managing Director and the successor of his father, Heinz Schutz. All 100 employees of this family-owned company pull together in pursuit of a common objective: the full and complete satisfaction of its customers.

What personally drives me to do the best I can every day is the full and complete satisfaction of our customers.
Timo Bartusch Mercedes-Benz Van Body Sales

Always on the move.

Mobility and progress are all part of the DNA of the Schutz Fahrzeugbau automotive engineering company. The company has always tackled new developments with imagination and a high level of flexibility. The issues of environmental protection, conserving resources and renewable energies have top priority. The best symbol of this approach is the vast area of solar panels on the roof of the production hall.


The demands from outside the company are also changing. The whole sector is asking for lighter vehicles, for solutions for new and alternative drive systems and for mobility concepts for urban environments. Jens Schutz looks towards the future with confidence: "We shall continue to develop individual conversion solutions – either with electric mobility or with alternative drive systems. We shall make every effort to meet all the requirements of our customers and to drive forward development with the aid of innovation."

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