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Aluminum flatbed body with Tarpaulin construction
Planen Streib GmbH | Partner solutions
Price available on request
20 Days Body mounting duration
Registered in Germany
Technical data of the body.
Body weight
535 kg
Body width
No information
Body height
No information
Body depth
No information
Technical data of the basic vehicle
Model series
The new Sprinter
Drive type
Roof type
Standard roof
Cab type
Single cab
Gross weight
3500 kg
4325 mm, Überhang 1615 mm
Minimum equipment of the base vehicle
Bodies and attachments
C71 Rear underride protection EEC
FS1 Extended mirror bracket
L07 End-outline marker lamps
LB1 Side marker lights
Q18 End cross member bolted
CB8 Stabilisation level II
CB7 Stabilisation level I
Radio, instruments and electrics
FR7 Provision, electrics, reversing aid
FV1 Pre-wiring reversing camera w. int. mirror display
L72 Electric system for non-DB body
Partner solutions.
Mercedes-Benz VanPartner

In cooperation with certified converters, Mercedes-Benz Vans offers a wide variety of custom bodies and conversions as dual-invoice transactions. These bodybuilders meet the requirements with respect to quality, sales and after-sales services, and are tested and certified by Mercedes-Benz Vans.

They are companies which mount special-purpose bodies on commercial vehicles. The custom bodies available from bodybuilders include platforms, box bodies or highly complex firefighting bodies. Alongside bodybuilders there interior specialists (e.g. for camper vans), converters (e.g. for solutions with three or more axles), installers (e.g. mobile workshops) or implement manufacturers (e.g. snowplough). These manufacturers are collectively referred to as bodybuilders.

The new Sprinter.
The agile all-rounder

The agile all-rounder with a comfort bonus on every journey: the Sprinter impresses with a large load compartment, very good loading and transport functionality and excellent efficiency. Its manoeuvrability makes it the perfect city van. With a high level of seating comfort, it is also an ideal companion over long distances – even when fully loaded. Thanks to great scope for interior fittings, tools and materials are ready to hand and can quickly be used. The Sprinter helps to structure the working day and sets new standards for large vans. 

Servicing and services.

Van insurance.

Ensuring that you're protected on every journey, and the wheels of business keep turning.

On the road with the security of Mercedes-Benz Bank van insurance: with third-party liability cover of 100 mill. euros for personal, property and financial damage, and up to 12 mill. euros per person injured.Furthermore, e.g. vehicle bodies up to 100,000 euros as well as operational and brake damage and breakages are also covered at no extra cost. Other advantages:

  • Starting with no-claims bonus category 2 or adoption of the no-claims bonus category of the previous insurer
  • Choice of two excess variants for fully and semi-comprehensive cover
  • Premiums dependent on engine variant and type of use
  • Discount on the insurance premium if safety technology is installed ex factory (e.g. Lane Keeping Assist)

The van insurance with insurance cover for the bodies is only available in Germany. The insurer is KRAVAG-LOGISTIC Versicherungs-AG, Heidenkampsweg 102, 20097 Hamburg, brokered by Mercedes-Benz Bank AG, Siemensstraße 7, 70469 Stuttgart. The general insurance terms apply.

Legal information.

The listing of products does not represent an endorsement by Daimler AG. Daimler AG and its associated companies accept no liability for the content of the information presented here.

All vehicle-related information should be seen as approximate. Information relating to the body is provided solely by the bodybuilder, and is placed on the site by the bodybuilder. Mercedes-Benz has not verified the information provided by the bodybuilder for correctness or completeness, and neither accepts any liability nor provides any form of warranty for this information.

The minimum equipment merely provides guidance concerning the basic vehicle, and is intended as a recommended minimum for the relevant body. The information does not guarantee buildability. This means that 100% orderability is not guaranteed.