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Evracom 28402
LLC "Euracom" ООО | Partner solutions
Price available on request
27 Days Body mounting duration
Registered in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Show more
Technical data of the body.
Body weight
1000 kg
Body width
No information
Body height
No information
Body depth
No information
Technical data of the basic vehicle
Model series
Panel van
Drive type
Roof type
Standard roof
Cab type
Single cab
Gross weight
5000 kg
3665 mm
Bodies and attachments
D93 Omission partition
F46 Headlamp washing system
F68 Exterior mirror heated and electr. adjustable
L16 Front fog lamps
L65 Interior light(s), load/pass. comp. wi. door cont.
LD0 Overhead control panel with 2 reading lamps
P47 Front mud flaps
P48 Rear mud flaps
A50 Front axle with upgraded axle load
C43 Stabilizer rear axle reinforced under frame
C45 Stabilizer reinforced at front axle
CF6 Springs and dampers, front, reinforced
RG3 Tyres 205/75 R 16 C
RM0 All-season tires
Engines and transmissions
K60 Exhaust straight to chassis rear
XM1 Noise reduction
Interior equipment, heating and air-conditioning
F66 Locking glove compartment
FJ1 Hinged lid for stowage compartment
H00 Hot-air duct to passenger compartment
H12 Auxiliary hot-water heater
H13 Additional heat exchanger
HH2 Electrically powered hot-air auxiliary heater
HH9 Air con., semi-autom. controlled, TEMPMATIC
KL1 Sender uni (fuel) for auxiliary heater
S04 Adjustable co-driver's seat
SB1 Comfort driver's seat
V43 Wood flooring
Y44 Warning triangle
Lines, packages and variants
CF3 Chassis for application B
Other equipment
Y45 Warning lamp
Radio, instruments and electrics
CL1 Height and rake adjustable steering wheel
E28 Additional battery for retrofitting consumers
E36 Disconnecting relais if auxiliary battery
EK1 Terminal strip for electrical connection
EL8 2-way loudspeakers, front
ER0 Basic fittings f. radio
FR7 Provision, electrics, reversing aid
J65 Temperature indicator
J92 Omission tachograph
JW6 ASSYST service interval indicator
M46 Alternator 14 V / 220 A
M94 Vehicle without road speed limiter EG
Partner solutions.
Mercedes-Benz VanPartner

In cooperation with certified converters, Mercedes-Benz Vans offers a wide variety of custom bodies and conversions as dual-invoice transactions. These bodybuilders meet the requirements with respect to quality, sales and after-sales services, and are tested and certified by Mercedes-Benz Vans.

They are companies which mount special-purpose bodies on commercial vehicles. The custom bodies available from bodybuilders include platforms, box bodies or highly complex firefighting bodies. Alongside bodybuilders there interior specialists (e.g. for camper vans), converters (e.g. for solutions with three or more axles), installers (e.g. mobile workshops) or implement manufacturers (e.g. snowplough). These manufacturers are collectively referred to as bodybuilders.

The Sprinter.
Versatile with many variants

The Sprinter with its mature vehicle concept is available practically worldwide. Thanks to a wide variety of variants and numerous height, length, wheelbase and equipment options, it is particularly suitable for bodybuilders and converters. Its outstanding quality and efficiency also make it a van to suit any requirement.

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Mercedes-Benz AG has not verified the information provided by the bodybuilder for correctness or completeness, and neither accepts any liability nor provides any form of warranty for this information.

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