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PPH STASICCY S.C Mirosław Stasicki Anna Stasicka spólka cywilna | Partner solutions
Price available on request
30 Days Body mounting duration
Registered in Poland
Technical data of the body.
Body weight
320 kg
Body width
1635 mm
Body height
1660 mm
Body depth
3115 mm
Technical data of the basic vehicle
Model series
The new Sprinter
Panel van
Drive type
Roof type
Standard roof
Cab type
Single cab
Gross weight
3500 kg
3665 mm
Bodies and attachments
D03 High roof
D50 Full-length partition
T12 Intermediate detent for load comp. sliding door
T16 Sliding door right
T50 Electr. closing assist, sliding door right
CB7 Stabilisation level I
Interior equipment, heating and air-conditioning
S23 Co-driver's seat double seat
Radio, instruments and electrics
E2I Additional battery f. retrofit consumers, interior
EK1 Terminal strip for electrical connection
M49 Alternator 14 V / 180 A
Partner solutions.
Mercedes-Benz VanPartner

In cooperation with certified converters, Mercedes-Benz Vans offers a wide variety of custom bodies and conversions as dual-invoice transactions. These bodybuilders meet the requirements with respect to quality, sales and after-sales services, and are tested and certified by Mercedes-Benz Vans.

They are companies which mount special-purpose bodies on commercial vehicles. The custom bodies available from bodybuilders include platforms, box bodies or highly complex firefighting bodies. Alongside bodybuilders there interior specialists (e.g. for camper vans), converters (e.g. for solutions with three or more axles), installers (e.g. mobile workshops) or implement manufacturers (e.g. snowplough). These manufacturers are collectively referred to as bodybuilders.

The new Sprinter.
Reliable and efficient

The Sprinter is a particularly versatile and reliable vehicle that excels with its high efficiency. When its loading and transport functionality is combined with the custom-fitted refrigeration and insulation conversions of our partners, the Sprinter is the ideal delivery van - also for temperature-sensitive goods.

Legal information

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